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On vacation in Puerto Vallarta and forgot your Prozac? Penicillin? Sleeping pills? Ritalin? Or Viagra (wink)? No problemo! Just head to one of dozens of Farmacia’s and especially to one of the discount pharmacies. There are many in downtown PV (El Centro).

Beyond intrigued, I entered a discount Farmacia on the street Basilio Badillo and as a creative type who finds it difficult to sleep sometimes, I asked which sleeping medications were available. The young senorita whipped out a laminated “menu.” The sleep deprived can choose from an assortment of meds including Zopiclone and various forms of Zolpidem. Anxiety medications included Ativan, Valium, Diazepam, Rivotril and an assortment of Xanax. There were also choices for super strength pain killers such as Tylenol 3 and Voltaren, and muscle relaxers. ADHD sufferers can load up on Ritalin and dieters determined to lose weight with medication are not left out either.

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Apparently, these pills are generic and in some cases brand names can be purchased for higher prices. I have been wanting to try Retin A for my skin (recommended by several people in the beauty business) but it is usually prescribed or is expensive in Canada and so I haven’t taken the plunge. So I ended up buying a tube of the generic brand Retin A called Tretinoina for, get this: 100 pesos which equals $6.89 CDN or $5.13 USD. I’ll try it back home after getting out of the hot Mexican sun.

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Shy to go to the Farmacia in person and get your drugs? No problemo again! They will deliver them straight to your hotel or accommodation if you dare to try the products. They also sell vitamins.

Visit: and read the About Us, which states verbatim:

We are a Mexican company of Puerto Vallarta with 26 years of experience in trading of pharmaceutical products and service cleinte.

We have a wide variety of products from the best and highest quality with the most affordable prices.

Our company is segmented in tourism where our main objective is to support our customers by offering health products, products and information necessary first necesiadad near where vacationing.

I am surmising that this is big business as this company accepts every kind of debit and credit card and has an ATM right outside. Many restaurants and stores in Puerto Vallarta and especially towns further out do not accept cards of any kind, only cash.


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