People ask us, why do you keep going back to Puerto Vallarta every year? Well, let me count the ways, read on!

#1 The Weather

Not all tropical locations have consistently great weather in the winter season as does Puerto Vallarta (and we’re talking 26° to 30° every day, although the nights can be chillier in part of Jan and Feb). Waking up to the sun shining keeps us happy, very happy.

#2 The Mexican People

Being a major tourist destination, the Mexican people are very friendly, kind, hard-working and funny. Turn out your best Spanish and have an even better experience with the locals.

#3 The Beaches and Ocean

Each beach has a different “flavor” in which to soak in the sun, wriggle your toes in the sand, swim or just listen to the waves. From the Pier or from the Marina, hire a captain and fishing boat, try your hand at sailing or go on a whale-watching adventure. “Pangas” or water taxis are reasonably priced ways to navigate the waters.

#4 The Food Scene

Foodies can delight in an array of international cuisines prepared by everyone including abuelos (grandmothers) to renowned chefs. Prowl the street food stalls or dine in fine establishments boasting outstanding views and swaying chandeliers. Vegans and vegetarians are not left out: there are an increasing number of options available everywhere. It’s one-stop shopping at the fresh fruit, veggie, fish and meat markets that can be found in every colonia.

Pic: Thai curry with a delicious black sesame seed crust and edible flowers at Tintoqúe.

Pic: Seafood and Chorizo Paella at Barcelona Tapas.

#5 The Malecon

Taking a stroll down the beautiful paved ocean boardwalk to watch the waves coming in and admiring the sculptures is a favorite past-time for locals and tourists. At night near the river, grab a snack or cake at any number of food stalls.

#6 The Art & Murals

Puerto Vallarta is home to numerous renowned mural artists who adorn the city’s buildings and walls with stunning, colorful depictions of Mexican life and sea creatures. Guests are always ‘wowed’ after experiencing the every Wednesday evening “Artwalk” that winds through many charming streets in Centro. The galleries are often as astounding as the artwork housed in them. Calle Basilio Badillo is also home to numerous galleries.

#7 The Hiking Adventures

From the Mirador city hike, to the scenic walk along the ocean to Conchas Chinas, you can be sure to get your hiking steps in. Take an Uber, taxi or bus to Boca de Tomatlan and work your abs and butt along the stunning jungle hike with sea views to Las Animas, where you can take a boat back. An array of restaurants with delicious seafood, cervzas and margaritas are your reward 😁

Pic: Huanchinango (whole grilled red snapper).

#8 The Medical & Dental Care

The medical and dental care in Puerto Vallarta is superior and extremely affordable. Where else in the world can you get in to see a top specialist (orthopedic surgeon, orthodontist etc.) quickly instead of waiting months or years as we do in Canada? Puerto Vallarta is establishing itself as an important center for stem cell innovation and treatment. Doctors and dentists are well trained, supremely professional and most importantly, spend time with you to listen and fully understand your issues before recommending a course of treatment.

#9 The Rio Cuale

Starting in the mountainus rain forest and emptying into the Pacific Ocean under the pedestrian river bridge separating Centro from the Romantic Zone, the river is a center-point of activity. Stroll through Mexican craft markets or along the paved, winding river walk or head to a popular afternoon venue for ribs and live bands. Restorations of houses, businesses and the wiped-out Insurgentes Bridge are now complete since Hurricane Nora wreaked its havoc in August 2021. Those who died in this disaster will always be remembered.

#10 The Sunsets

Can you ever tire of them?


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