Pre moving to Paris in 2004, did I give a hoot about salt? Negatory. But since spending time in France and becoming obsessed with salt, this condiment and other seasonings were at the top of my gourmet shopping list. So off we went in search of our fav sprinkles at the street markets and La Grande Epicerie (Le Bon Marché) in the 6th. Then of course the exquisite Galeries Lafayette Gourmet in the 9th – now housed in, and combined with, the Maison store.  You could easily drop hundreds of euros on delicacies of every kind, including choosing a 50 euro bottle of water! Great restraint is needed here.


Nuit Blanche Oct 5, 2019

What a bust this was. I had forgotten how to “do” Nuit Blanche – the “White Night” – also the inspiration for my tour company name, Nuit Blanche Tours. Now I remember. Over the years, I did stay up most of the night prowling the city going to the museums for free and other events with friends once or twice. But then due to the sheer number of Parisians out and about, opted to stay in or go to a dinner party instead. Still, this year we had fun watching the parade but couldn’t actually get into any of the museums unless we wanted to wait for an hour or more in line. And chose to forgo joining 4,000 people to go on a night race through some museums. No thanks!


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