My hair tends to be dry and I am always battling split ends. So one day in the Marais, we came upon the “Hair Cowboy,” a street hair stylist who claims he was a model in Los Angeles and a stylist. Kanu is sweet but I think he has seen better days. We watched as he “sculpted,” not cut, a woman’s hair and it looked gorgeous. In a leap of faith and being the risk-taker that I am, I went for it. Later I even returned for a second follow up sculpting to get spots he had missed. Kanu assured me that I wouldn’t lose any length, just all the split parts. The first time, I stood for almost an hour on the street as curious passers-by stopped and watched. On and on he grabbed big pieces of my hair with a large wide comb and ran his scissors around the edges. He must have done this a hundred times. Little pieces of my hair flew around the street and the vintage store next door doesn’t seem to mind as he has been operating at this spot on Rue de Renard for years. Nor does the café next to the store. (Note to self: never eat at that café!)  He wanted to continue but my aching back couldn’t take it anymore. A couple of regulars stopped by to see when he could fit them in. Apparently he has a lot of regulars.

We were thrilled with the result and my husband handed him the 30 euros I had negotiated.

This is how my hair looked after the first cut. He had shaped it and it naturally waved. Best “sculpting” I have ever had!

Then yesterday while strolling through the beauty store at Printemps, a girl was getting her hair curled at the Dyson station. They invited me to have my hair curled with the revolutionary Dyson Airwrap. Sure, who not! We have a Dyson vacuum cleaner but the battery stopped working and we couldn’t get it fixed. So I am not as enamored with Dyson products these days. But the beautiful Dyson girls all had gorgeous hair, what did I have to lose? Watch this video which realistically shows just how amazing this appliance is. And yes, it is revolutionary. In minutes, my hair magically wrapped itself around the wand and was transformed into gorgeous wavy curls. No turning the wand. Okay, I knew it would be a price shocker but asked anyway, “c’est combien?” There were two price levels: 449 euros or 499 euros depending on the attachments you choose. That’s $650 CDN! Not appearing to care if they got a sale or not, the girls suggested I buy it in Canada due to the difference in the power voltage. And you know what? This device is so amazing that I seriously plan to do an extra job in order to get one!

So now I will definitely have to return to Paris every year to repeat these cheveux experiences!


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